Apr 6, 2013


Peggy Goetz from IGWRT asks us this week to write on the subject "Going Outside"

Klein, a maths man, made a bottle
Made it with the outside inside
Made it with the inside outside
Made it with just one side only.
Folk said, "Klein, that's pure baloney.
Bottles all have two sides. Outside
where the milk is not. The inside
keeps the milk from off the table
Klein said "But my bottle's able
to keep milk in both "in" and "out" sides
'cos my bottle's got just one side"  (*)
Strictly it's a 4-D bottle,
weird enough to make you throttle
Doctor Footsie!  "Just get a grip!
His bottle's a 4-D Mobius Strip!"

(*) See picture.  Skilled knitters can knit 'Klein Bottle' hats, which can be worn inside or outside, but not inside out, this being a condition that makes no sense to Klein Bottle fanatics.


  1. Hiawatha would be proud of you, Doctor Footsie- never mind Klein! LOL. You have more bottle than any blogger I know!

    1. Nooo! Henry Wadsworth Longfellow would have been proud of me. Hiawatha would have said "HOW!" And he wouldn't have been the only one.

  2. oh yes, physics andhumor in poetry, wonderful

  3. Your verse is as clever as this invention. I'd like to see that bottle with liquid inside so I can see whether or not it will gush out the hole in the bottom.

  4. I have enjoyed pictures of the Klein bottle--and the Klein hat as well, but have seen neither in real life. Dothey really hold milk? Or hold water?

    1. Kerry and Susan . . there is a slight problem. You can make these bottles and hats. But "real" Klein Bottles require 4 dimensions - which ordinary humans can't grasp. Bottles like the picture would hold milk quite well, but wine even better.

  5. Ah the mysteries of the other dimensions! I had not heard of the Klein bottle before but I get the concept I think (the mobius strip bottle!) Thanks. This is fun.

  6. A fun poem. I love the rhythm of this. Yes, Longfellow would enjoy it, too.

  7. I think it might be difficult to get said wine out of said bottle...but the poem is...very, very silly!

  8. When I was first married and decorating our house, I spied an interesting glass flower vase. It's shape was unique ... My husband informed me it was a old glass urinal used in many hospitals... ha ha. I had it in my bathroom for a while (filled with flowers) but my mother-in-law thought it was gross, so I got rid of it. I might just go hunt one down again... ha ha.

    You are a master of silliness!


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