Dec 16, 2012


Once again Tess intrigues our Muse with this photograph by Andy Magee

My folks said "Let's go for a run!"
But a run in the rain?- that's no fun.
Now they've left me alone
and I've no mobile phone
and I'm wondering when
I will see them again
or will a big tow-truck come,
fix a chain to my bum
haul me off to the pound
where I'll just lie around
till I'm turned all to rust.
That would be most unjust!
A car is for life, not for Christmas!

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Dec 9, 2012

Mappa Mundi

For Mag 147, Tess prompts us via her rear-view mirror . . .

The lady is looking her best
dressed in her cartographer's vest.
If her haute couture map
is an all-around wrap -
imagine her American Midwest!

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Dec 2, 2012

Mercy! Mercy!

        "Object to be Destroyed" by Man Ray

I'm a beat-keeper still in my prime.
Destroying me would be a crime!
Here'e a much better way
to honour Man Ray -
Call me "Keeping One Eye on the Time."

Tess urges us to "Keep up with the band, you lot" with her prompt for Mag 146.