Mar 26, 2012

Magpie Tales#110

This week Tess at Willow Manor gives us something to reflect upon

Don't Try This at Home if You're a Scaredypants.

You all can pass through mirrors.  Yes. You. CAN!
With patience, faith and practise, and a plan.
Start with your tallest. Hand-mirrors are a squeeze,
but the long one in your wardrobe is a breeze!
Take a good look to make sure that is you.
Now then - I'm gonna tell you what to do.
"Refractive Index" is the magic word
(Don't quibble 'That is TWO.' Don't be absurd.)
Repeat three times.  Oh, something I forgot.
Your clothes get in the way. Discard the lot.
Now!  Flex your muscles and prepare to dive
into the glassy pool. You will survive.
The mirror sees you coming and liquefies.
(The scaredypants might choose to close their eyes)
There now!  You're through!  Easy-peasy was it not?
Oh drat!  There's something else that I forgot!
Forgot to say, "Unlock your wardrobe door
before you . . . .

I don't know, I really don't!  You came here to read another dumb Magpie and you end up starkers inside a locked wardrobe, tangled up in last season's dresses and/or suits and pongin' of mothballs. Some people. Really!

Mar 24, 2012

Flash Friday Fiction, 23rd.March

G-Man's picture this week raises disturbing issues.

Ain't got no words. Black trash is all. Went to help
the girl. Dude sliced her, he ran out.  Fit me up
with blade, her blouse, her blood.  So now you
fry me. My scalp smoke, mouth fill up with hot foam.
I die for him, man, Jesus die for me.  So do this thing
So end it.


Mar 19, 2012

"And the World is Like an Apple Whirling Silently in Space"

Tess's prompt for Magpie Tales 109 is this image by Robert and Shana Parke Harrison of someone who should know better . . .

A keen archeologist called Pound
dug down to some cogs in the ground.
He thought, "Folk should see 'em
In the British Museum."
So he heaved on his spanner
in prompt Magpie manner
till his face turned quite puce.
At last one cog came loose -

"Oh Drat! I've stopped Earth going round."


Mar 17, 2012

Friday Flash Fiction 16th.March

G-Man's picture sparked no spark this week, so I was inspired by this one, shot through an East Window.

I know a young student called Boon
who'll be in the slammer till June
for baring his ass
in the Astronomy class
'cos he didn't understand "a full moon"

I am much indebted to another blogger of full moons for the third and fourth lines, who, reading this, will know who I mean.

(Makes 55 words including the anonymous attribution, hehe!)

Mar 9, 2012

The Ides of March

G-Man made a brave attempt at a Friday Flash Fiction 55 synopsis, but the truth is far different . . .

Julius, Mayor of Casterbridge is in the Forum. A guy called Mark Anthony shouts he wants to borrow ears. “I’ll sell you my wife Elizabeth’s ears for V denarii” says Julius.  The crowd doesn’t like this. They stab him XXIII times.  “Oh, you brutes” he cries, expiring.  Anthony marries Elizabeth, played in the film by Cleopatra Taylor.


Mar 4, 2012


Horrid Haiku

Meet my gaze full square!
Timidity won't get you
anywhere. My eyes . .

 . . hold rapture, dearest,
true. But . . ain't that a cockroach
crawling from your hair?