Mar 24, 2012

Flash Friday Fiction, 23rd.March

G-Man's picture this week raises disturbing issues.

Ain't got no words. Black trash is all. Went to help
the girl. Dude sliced her, he ran out.  Fit me up
with blade, her blouse, her blood.  So now you
fry me. My scalp smoke, mouth fill up with hot foam.
I die for him, man, Jesus die for me.  So do this thing
So end it.



  1. This is shockingly dark for you! Goes to prove that we all have our days, I guess.

  2. Powerful doom and gloom 55 from Doctor Fun. Whatever next?

  3. Oh, not silly at all. Yes, very powerful.

    1. i just watched green mile this is all rather real for me...

  4. Doc...
    You shouldn't eat Dill Pickles just before bedtime.
    It causes you to have very bad dreams.
    Excellent 55 Mr. Lovecraft
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  5. A great 55. Really good, Dr. Lovecraft. Actually this was a prompt that was right up my alley. Could've run all the way to town with this one. Not enough hours in the day.

  6. I have always enjoyed you as a writer
    this one makes me respect your ability even more
    how can 55 make such a powerful statement - you aced it!

    1. Thank you. Perhaps I should have put this 55 on my Less Silly blog?


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