Jun 24, 2014

Mag 225

Tess's prompt this week involves a lady in repose on the greensward.   Egged on by Another Blogger, I'm reading "Fanny Hill"(*) - an eighteen century penny-dreadful about a country lass caught up in the Oldest Profession in the World . . . here she is, recuperating.

Sweet Summer, 1912, John William Waterhouse 

There was a young lady called Fanny
whose clients were Clarence and Danny,
Bert, Harry and Bill,
Jack, Arnold and Phil.
Her staying power - truly uncanny.

(*) Don't bother!  Just don't.  (But you can download it for £0.77p from A'zon to your Kindle, HaHa!)

Jun 16, 2014

Mag 224

This unsettling picture by René Magritte is Tess's inspiring prompt for the week

On Reflection . . .

"Mirror, Mirror on the wall
 Am I the fairest of them all?"

"Zits? Red nose, cross-eyes and brace?
 Who'd want to see your gruesome face?"

Not To Be Reproduced, 1937, Rene Magritte 


Jun 1, 2014

Tess leaves another intriguing prompt for Mag 222.

Reader . . . try to imagine yourself reading this post without moving your lips or teeth - otherwise the young lady might swallow the capsule and then . . who knows.

"Now risten, you horriga riddle salesrady. I have done many gad things in my useress, wasted rife. Gut guying this shade of ripstick was the rast  straw.  So give me my money gack . . . or I'rr CHOMP!  Then you'rr be sorry!"