Jul 31, 2010

You Could Well Enjoy This . . .

. . . but I can't think why . . .

More about them HERE . . and before you all start,  him in the bowler is NOT Dr.FTSE

Jul 28, 2010

Another Etheree.

a child
I marvelled
at how Windy
Miller always dodged
the savage, whirling blades
of his creaky old mill. Then
one day - they got him! Sliced the poor
creaky old bugger clean in half!  That
day, my childhood ended. (Pass the Hovis!)

Post Script.  Would you believe there is a development of the "etheree" form - the "double etheree."  Try to resist looking it up HERE until you've tried to guess/figure out what it might be.  Then GET BUSY!

Jul 27, 2010

A New Poetic Form . .

. . . has arrived in Blogland!  The ETHEREE

You can find a definition of the Etheree form, and a fine example of it HERE.  55 syllables, ten lines, the first line to have but one syllable, then one MORE syllable in each subsequent line.  I want to be sure I have the form firmly fixed in my mind before I apply it to a serious poem in etheree form . . . so here goes.

Two Three
Four Five Six
Seven Eight Nine
Ten Eleven Twelve
Thirteen Fourteen Fifteen
Sixteen Seventeen Eighteen
Nineteen Twenty TwentyOne (OH
DRAT! That don't work out any more, do it?)
Oh well, press on . . TwentyTwo TwentyThree!

Good!  I've got the pattern!  Now for a poem!  (Goes to desk.  Opens laptop.  Sucks pencil . . .  )

Jul 26, 2010

My Good Friend Mrs. Trellis . . .

. . .  will award POINTS to the first blogger/critic/poet who picks up the allusion in the last four lines of the poem in the post under this 'ere post.  And we all know what points mean!


Jul 25, 2010

Confusion Reigns . . .

. . .  on the Poetry Bus

You Wonder I’m Confused . .  ?

Two Heads are Better Than One, it’s said,
but Too Many Cooks and the Broth will Spoil.
Take Care of the Pence, and the Pounds, I’ve read
Will Always Take Care of Themselves, and yet
Penny Wise Pound Foolish, - it’s counterfoil!

Smite Thine Enemy Hip and Thigh
But . . . Turn the Other Cheek?
An Eye for an Eye, a Tooth for a Tooth
while the Earth goes to the Meek?

Please keep things simple!  Surely we know
Thou Shalt Not Kill.   Even on Death Row?

And what of the way this World began?
A mysterious BANG in endless night
or a mystical whimper from the Void.
“Let There Be Light.”?

Jul 21, 2010

You Need Cheerin' Up, You Guys?

Don't ask "Why the Panda(s)?"  I don't know . . . .

I love the movie of the scratchy record playing the song while the song is playing! The under 50's might not remember it . . . but it was a smash hit when it came out in er . . . er . . . 1948?


V**G*N T****S yesterday reported that all scheduled services ran to time throughout the day and passengers, livestock and freight reached their destinations in a contented frame of mind and pleasantly surprised at this unprecedented turn of events. A V**G*N spokesperson blamed this circumstance on "the wrong kind of fog" (See picture below)

Jul 19, 2010

Have I Missed the Bus?

I mean the POTTERY BUS.  No I don't!  I mean the Poetry Bus

Even if this doesn't buy me a ticket, I don't care!  'Cos I've got me Senior Citizens' Bus Pass HeHeHe!

On the Sadness of the Artistic Life

A writer called Ford Madox Ford
Said, “Really, I’m feeling quite bored!
That Ford Madox Brown
Is the talk of the town.
My poems are being ignored!”


A painter called Ford Madox Brown
(He painted some navvies in Town)
said “Ford Madox Ford
should go live abroad . . .
For I am the man of reknown!”

(Click on the "Navvies" link.  Look at the gent second from the right with the funny hat and the evil eyes!)

How Do You Rate or Write?

 to find out, visit 
and follow the simple instructions!

(I don't normally link directly to posts in other bloggers' blogs, but this one provides some mild amusement.)

Jul 17, 2010

Mrs. Trellis . . . .

. . . invites her followers and fans to decide which explanation of the giraffe's strange behaviour is the most likely.

1. The giraffe is stranded by a flash-flood not seen in the picture.
2. The giraffe is barking mad.
3. The giraffe is barking up the wrong tree
4. The giraffe is . . . how shall we say . . . extremely fond of the tree.
5. The giraffe does not believe the Theory of Evolution which argues that giraffes are maladapted to climbing trees.
6. The giraffe was fostered by a leopard.
7. The giraffe does not realise that leopards can climb trees.
8. Photoshop.

Jul 16, 2010

Continuing . . .

. . . . a Very Silly Game

Uranus and Pluto

Mercury and Venus

Jupiter and . . .  Oh Never Mind!

Isadora and Peter Duncan

Jul 10, 2010

Mrs. Trellis . . . .

 . . .  invites followers and fans to guess why the Class was Cancelled or even Ancelled!  No!  No! Sorry!  That's altogether too easy, innit?    Guess how the car got parked where it did . . .  

BTW . . . Google Images is full of this sort of thing.  Search on "Amazing Accidents", "Silly Accidents" etc.  And MIND HOW YOU GO!  You wouldn't want your class to be cancelled just because you came in through the window . . .

The Silliest Thing . . .

. . . about this interview is that apparently there are folk who think it was for real!  No Australian could fall for it . . . could they?

Jul 8, 2010

Mrs. Trellis . . . .

. . .  invites her many followers and fans to try their hand at the following conundrum.  As usual, she will be awarding drinks coupons
. . . . and drinks coupons mean . . . .


Name the Victorian cleric who visited his parishioners wearing a
and who, when crossing a farmer's field one morning was tragically bored to death by a

* * * *