Jul 17, 2010

Mrs. Trellis . . . .

. . . invites her followers and fans to decide which explanation of the giraffe's strange behaviour is the most likely.

1. The giraffe is stranded by a flash-flood not seen in the picture.
2. The giraffe is barking mad.
3. The giraffe is barking up the wrong tree
4. The giraffe is . . . how shall we say . . . extremely fond of the tree.
5. The giraffe does not believe the Theory of Evolution which argues that giraffes are maladapted to climbing trees.
6. The giraffe was fostered by a leopard.
7. The giraffe does not realise that leopards can climb trees.
8. Photoshop.


  1. He saw a huge, black, hairy spider in his bath, of course... or a snake in his slippers.

  2. P.S.
    The decision was "None of the Bove", hence my alternative theories...

    (Word verification showed up as 'undouter'. Undoubtedly or indubitably, blogger can't spell any better than me.)

  3. No, no, the giraffe is clearly chanting, 'I'm the king of the castle, not you, you silly lion.'
    Word verification was 'hyphor' - couldn't be clearer!

  4. These are very peculiar suggestions. You will have noticed that I listed the likely explanations and left it to my visitors to invent Very Silly Ones.
    Spiders in the bath, indeed! Giraffes take SHOWERS, Jinksy! And it's a well known fact, Jabblog, that they don't know that tune!

  5. As any giraffe knows (and I am one) the higher you get, the better the view. It's perfectly simple.

  6. Oh, Deb! An elevated answer if ever I read one! :) I like it!

  7. He climbed up there just so he could say "I can see my house from here"

  8. Ann . . . I hadn't thought of that! Wonder if anyone has asked the giraffe what he's up a tree for. Waiting for the firecrew to get him down?

  9. The giraffe chose a hight point of vantage
    'cos he thought it'd give an avantage
    to him over shorter, less daring among
    his companions - the staid, unadventurous throng!

  10. decided to ask him your question Doc - see below:-

    "Dear giraffe - why are you up a tree?"
    " Well, it's all very simple" says he.
    " I was born a short arse and so for a laugh
    I decided to elevate me."


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