Jul 26, 2010

My Good Friend Mrs. Trellis . . .

. . .  will award POINTS to the first blogger/critic/poet who picks up the allusion in the last four lines of the poem in the post under this 'ere post.  And we all know what points mean!



  1. The Big Bang theory versus the Bible's explanation of the biginning of the world is surely far too easy for Mrs Trellis? What deep and dark machinations is she expecting?

  2. I averted my eyes from Jinksy's comment, really I did. Promise. Went to Confusion Pours Down In Sheets and had the same reaction I alwasy have when asked a point-blank question. ('The answer seems obvious, but what if I'm WRONG???)

    So my first thought was The Big Bang. The Creation of Our Universe, Flawed Though It Is. But the answer must surely be more subtle than that. And who the hell said 'Let There Be Light' anyway? I only remember my dad saying it, corny as he was.


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