Jul 31, 2010

You Could Well Enjoy This . . .

. . . but I can't think why . . .

More about them HERE . . and before you all start,  him in the bowler is NOT Dr.FTSE


  1. The beard and the bowler just about clinch the enjoyment factor - pity about the tune...

  2. I made the mistake of listening to this - but not for very long. Then I read about the creation of the Smurfs and that was actually rather interesting in a surreal kind of way.

  3. Jabblog, you're as bad as me! I had to read up loads, as well. It's the satiable curtiosity striking again...

  4. P.S. Everybody -
    I have it on good authority, Dr FTSE is the one on the right...

  5. Jinksy . . "curtiosity" Tell us more about this curtiosity! Excessive curtness? Excessive courtesy? Unrequited curtseying?

  6. Curtiosity, Doc, was a disease I caught whilst swimming with pirahnas in the great, grey-green greasy Limpopo river. I find it a great boon - especially when confronted by one of your links.

  7. Jabblog - they got onto UK "Top of the Pops" at the zenith of their notoriety! Amazing what the Great British Public will put up with!

  8. Jinksy, do you mean the one on the right at 1:22?

    Curtiosity!!! Fabulous word, Jinksy. Don't tell me it was accidental. I know better.

  9. Indeed, Deb - curtiosity was Rudyard Kipling's invention in the Just So Stories

  10. The abstract noun "curtiosity" derives from the adjective "curtiose". This does not mean, as many wrongly suppose, "having hairy buttocks" - which is "dasypygal" (Google it, I kid you not!) The word slots neatly into the tune at the top of all this rubbish

    "Smurfs are quite dasypygal.
    This is really typical.
    Some have blue and some have pink
    hairy buttocks - and I think
    that old git with all that growth
    likely has a bit of both."

    (I'll get me coat)

  11. You really should learn to spell Doc... especially daysypgal...


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