Jul 28, 2010

Another Etheree.

a child
I marvelled
at how Windy
Miller always dodged
the savage, whirling blades
of his creaky old mill. Then
one day - they got him! Sliced the poor
creaky old bugger clean in half!  That
day, my childhood ended. (Pass the Hovis!)

Post Script.  Would you believe there is a development of the "etheree" form - the "double etheree."  Try to resist looking it up HERE until you've tried to guess/figure out what it might be.  Then GET BUSY!


  1. Your sadistic tendencies are showing Doc! Poor Windy! :)

  2. The noose tightens! If you visit the Double Etheree site (see link in the post), you'll notice that the example given is strictly rhymed. Oooerrr!

  3. Hi - time/grammar might be utterly incorrect when Windy Miller (whom I don't know, sorry to say) says:

    if you were
    not that afraid
    I fly as I said
    as light as a feather
    in that cold stormy weather
    I will be flying really high
    There is no danger that I shall die
    by your daft windmill blades up in the sky!

  4. Hi Britta. Windy Miller was one of the characters in a childrens' TV series when my children were little ones. The series was in three parts "Trumpton", "Chigley" and "Camberwick Green." all of which you will easily find in Wikipedia via Google. Windy went in and out of his windmill, always avoiding the rotating mill-sails. I though it was time the windmill won!
    "Sails" is the correct word. "Blades", I thought, sounded more lethal. Poor Windy!
    I like you etheree . . and thanks again for visiting.

  5. Oh my! This took me right back to my childhood. I sat mesmerised by the music box, wondering who was going to pop up from inside.

    Te sound effects on Windy's mill were great. :-) Camberwick Green was always my favourite of the shows.

    Thank you for the memories. :-)

    Do you remember Noggin the Nog, and The Clangers? lol

  6. The Clangers! Featuring the Iron Chicken and the Soup Dragon! Best thing since sliced bread. If you watch THIS CLIP, be sure to read the comments.

  7. Doctor FTSE, that was a great clip. I must admit, the soup dragon was a favourite of mine too, along with the music tree.

    Great memories.

    Oh to be young again, and in that time period, innocent compared to today.


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