Jul 27, 2010

A New Poetic Form . .

. . . has arrived in Blogland!  The ETHEREE

You can find a definition of the Etheree form, and a fine example of it HERE.  55 syllables, ten lines, the first line to have but one syllable, then one MORE syllable in each subsequent line.  I want to be sure I have the form firmly fixed in my mind before I apply it to a serious poem in etheree form . . . so here goes.

Two Three
Four Five Six
Seven Eight Nine
Ten Eleven Twelve
Thirteen Fourteen Fifteen
Sixteen Seventeen Eighteen
Nineteen Twenty TwentyOne (OH
DRAT! That don't work out any more, do it?)
Oh well, press on . . TwentyTwo TwentyThree!

Good!  I've got the pattern!  Now for a poem!  (Goes to desk.  Opens laptop.  Sucks pencil . . .  )


  1. She
    was not
    the girl he
    thought she was but
    even though her looks
    could stop a mad dog in
    its tracks she had a certain
    j'sais quoi et jouait De-Bus
    Sy comme to the manner born, although
    it was the only thing she ever learned.

  2. Jinksy . . you KNOW it was specially for you!

    Deborah . . that is a lovely expression "could stop a mad dog in its tracks", and a finely wrought Etheree! Ashamed to say how long it was before the De-Bus Sy penny dropped.

  3. ..and it wasn't meant to be complimentary, either!

    I could hardly believe that I actually got to this before Jinksy did, or rather that she was uncharacteristically shy about jumping in.

    Good fun!

  4. CUTE. ;-)

    Reminds me LES BELLES FAMILLES by French poet Jaques Prévert:

    Louis I
    Louis II
    Louis III
    Louis IV
    Louis V
    Louis VI
    Louis VII
    Louis VIII
    Louis IX
    Louis X (dit le Hutin) (1)
    Louis XI
    Louis XII
    Louis XIII
    Louis XIV
    Louis XV
    Louis XVI
    Louis XVII
    Louis XVIII
    et plus personne plus rien...
    qu'est-ce que c'est que ces gens-là
    qui ne sont pas foutus
    de compter jusqu'à vingt?


  5. Hate to be a party pooper Doc, cos I think these etherees Jinksy has brought to our attention are great things, but I reckon you've got 10 syllables in the ninth line!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. OO Derrick!
    Hint for Doc - May have to change it to read 'work out no more', and let the grammar go hang!?!

    And Deb - the day I get too shy to jump in ANYTHING, pigs will fly! It so happened I was gassing on the 'phone to my singing buddy when I wrote the comment last night, and bedtime loomed before she'd finished talking! I did make up for it in the wee small hours today though, didn't I? LOL :)

  8. Blogger is too slow - He didn't show me your comment above, Doc, hence my jumping in with both feet and eyes closed again! LOL!+

  9. Merisi . . . that's neat! Et humeureux! (Hope that's spelled right)

    Derrick . . . Yes! Thank you. Which syllable shall I remove? I will take out "Out", or, if you prefer, I will take "Out" out. I won't edit it out from the original, 'cos if I do, the punters will be telling you it's you can't count not me!

  10. OK, I'm surrounded by (next door's) builders, so here goes:

    with a
    procession of
    builders and their mates
    the scaffolding ascends
    like demented meccano
    a framework for refurbishment
    the patching up of the atmosphere
    emergency repairs on this old sky

  11. Mrs.Trellis awards you ONE MILLION points for this!


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