Jul 19, 2010

Have I Missed the Bus?

I mean the POTTERY BUS.  No I don't!  I mean the Poetry Bus

Even if this doesn't buy me a ticket, I don't care!  'Cos I've got me Senior Citizens' Bus Pass HeHeHe!

On the Sadness of the Artistic Life

A writer called Ford Madox Ford
Said, “Really, I’m feeling quite bored!
That Ford Madox Brown
Is the talk of the town.
My poems are being ignored!”


A painter called Ford Madox Brown
(He painted some navvies in Town)
said “Ford Madox Ford
should go live abroad . . .
For I am the man of reknown!”

(Click on the "Navvies" link.  Look at the gent second from the right with the funny hat and the evil eyes!)


  1. Ooh, wittily erudite! You SHALL ride the bus!

  2. Dear Doc FSTE: Is your name short-form for Dr. Fautus? The Dr. Fautus I presume? Nevertheless your blog makes sense. A painter and a writer! He knew EVERYBODY! Certain I must have come across this man before; oddly familiar!

  3. Argent . . thank you. I hope to ride again next week.

    chicco . . . FTSE is the acronym of the "Financial Times Stock Exchange" (Index of 100 leading shares) This Index is the principal valuation of stocks traded on the London Exchange. It's (sort of) the equivalent of the Dow-Jones Index in New York. In another life I speculate modestly on movements in this index.

  4. I enjoyed this poem, Dr. FTSE. Can you believe at one time I held shares in Apple AND Starbucks, and sold them all. arrrrggghhh!

  5. Every word of your entire post is funny!

  6. Very clever, very Ogden Nash, very deserving of yon ticket!

  7. Jeanne Iris . . . Pity. But remember, if the future really was predictable, either we'd all be millionaires or there would be no stock markets! I bought some in ARM Holdings (They licence software for Nokia, Motorola etc) Sold them (in profit) at HALF WHAT THEY"RE WORTH NOW! Argh Argh and DoubleArgh!

    Helen . . . thank you! Is "WHEREAS" funny, I ask myself?

    PG . . . ahhh! But forgot to buy a return, so now I'm stranded at the terminus . . . .

  8. I don't know what to be happier with - my new-found knowledge or the evidence (once again) of your cleverness.
    Dear Doctor, you were missed those months.

  9. Lol..I thoroughly enjoyed your poem...

  10. An Anglo-Canadian called Deb'rah
    Once told me that she was a zebra!
    I thought "What a laffe.
    She's more a giraffe."
    The post one post down, folks, will tell ya!

    Challenge to Deb'rah et al . . . write a better last line!

  11. Erratic Thoughts . . . best thanks for the encouragement.
    Your reward is . . . .

    "I do not have erratic thoughts!
    They're cogent and well-ordered.
    Now I'm off out for fish-and-socks
    I buy them in the barbers"

    (Ooops! Deborah's declaration of giraffaffinity is actually TWO posts down from this one . . look for the picture of her up the tree and then carefully wade through the comments)

  12. The ryhming bug has bitten Doc!
    It must have spread via a sock
    his barber used to wrap his chips -
    he never caught it from my lips!

  13. Alternative last line, Doc? How about:-

    And I hope she won't bite like a cobra.

  14. Jinksy . . you want a fight to the death, you've got one!

    There once was a lady called Jinks
    Who was really a bit of a minx
    She tried to make "cobra"
    A full rhyme for "zebra"
    (Which has nothing to do with "giraffe')

    Wait, wait . . there's something far wrong with that . . .

  15. A half-rhyme is surely allowed?
    I'll canvass a vote from the crowd.
    I'm sure they won't be
    too hard upon me
    because I choose to be... er... different!

  16. Jinksy . . . You win by 2 pinfalls and a knockout!

  17. I likes the cut of your gib Dr Footsy.

  18. Very clever, made me smile. I resent people who share my name too:-)
    thanks for sharing

  19. There was a cute oldie called Doc
    Who gave Debra and Jinksy the hots
    He writes prose and poetry a lot
    But Ford Mannox Ford he is not

  20. Rallentanda I think you have erred-
    and missed out on one vital word...
    are you sure that the 'hots'
    was not really the the 'trots?
    Which could be a trifle absurd!

  21. Now see here, Deb, Jinksy and Rall
    I just want to be EVERYONE'S pal
    So don't ask me to choose
    Two of three I would lose
    You three! Quite a pair! What a Gal!

  22. Doc, you're one of those feisty old fellows
    who keep ladies on strings, like marshmallows.
    One, two, three ...ten?!! Gregarious men
    are always quite happy to wallow!

  23. I can see that it's limericks day,
    and Jinksy has come out to play!
    But it's time that she heard.
    So I'm closing this blog now. Okay?

  24. Oh my good god - I only just saw all this. I'm MORTIFIED!!! AGHAST, even. I've been called a GIRAFFE!!!

    Wait, wait. Someone's tapping me on the shoulder. What's he saying?? Oh. Oh right. Well, yeeees, I guess so. Coulda been worse. Coulda been a delphinapterus leucas .


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