Nov 18, 2013

"A Lot of Kisses on the Bottom . . . "(*)

Tess takes us back to the days of the Penny Post for this week's Mag.

Dear Miss Gibbs . . . there in Henley-in-Arden
I've been lifting the spuds in my garden.
I found one or two
that made me think of you

with my best regards . . and beg pardon.


(*) from a well known ditty recorded by Fats Waller et al


Nov 2, 2013



Alright, I'll explain.

First:       It's a PALINDROMIC number. (Reads same either way)
Second:  It's a PRIME number.  (Divisible only by itself and 1- check it out!)
Third:     2 groups of 13 zeroes. (So it's doubly unlucky!)
Fourth:   That's the Sign of the Beast  - "666" - in the middle!

Known as "Belphegor's Prime"

Now Google "Belphegor"  - and tremble!

(G-Man asked for 55  apocalyptic words for his on-going FFF55. This was the best I could do.)