Nov 2, 2013



Alright, I'll explain.

First:       It's a PALINDROMIC number. (Reads same either way)
Second:  It's a PRIME number.  (Divisible only by itself and 1- check it out!)
Third:     2 groups of 13 zeroes. (So it's doubly unlucky!)
Fourth:   That's the Sign of the Beast  - "666" - in the middle!

Known as "Belphegor's Prime"

Now Google "Belphegor"  - and tremble!

(G-Man asked for 55  apocalyptic words for his on-going FFF55. This was the best I could do.)



  1. I tremble- but more from the thought of posting a 55 at 4.51 a.m. than anything else! LOL

  2. Hahahaha! Oh Doctor - now we've got your number! I find it a funny detail that Belphegor is the ambassador to France too, lol.

  3. 2 prime comments from 2 ladies in their prime. What a lucky old beast I am.

  4. Am I right in suspecting that just maybe you have too much time on your hands, Dr FTSE? (and before you come back with a lively riposte, I too am wasting time...)

  5. So, don't be lazy in April - that will help deter the Belphegor, according to Wikipedia.

  6. I get lost after about 3 zeros, but don't need anything doubly unlucky. I'm glad Margaret Wiki'd it for me.


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