Apr 30, 2012

Are you over 18?

Tess at Willow Manor has trawled the www again, and come up with a picture prompt which you can see at Magpie#115 along with many worthwhile responses.  A skilled manipulator of images has doctored it for me here, as you see . . .

In his bath sat a webgeek called Brindle
downloading soft porn to his Kindle.
Has he never been told
as the water gets cold
he'll find that his interest will dwindle?


Apr 18, 2012

Friday Flash Fiction 20th. April

Any speculation, story, poem, recipe, memoir or song delights the G-Man as long as it is expressed in 55 words.

Has Anyone Told Charles Darwin?

Horses did not evolve to be house pets. They cannot get upstairs. To do so their forelegs would need to be shorter than their hind legs. But to get downstairs their hind legs should be shorter. Sadly, horses' legs are all the same length. Nevertheless horses are useful when you can't find your step-ladder and need to change a light bulb.


Apr 6, 2012

Good Friday Flash Fiction

Once again, the Rev. G-Man offers us 55 words to retell an old, old story.

"Come on, pal. No rough sleepers! Haul ass. Tomb's reserved.”
"But . . but  . . "
"No buts. Just get yer butt outa here. And take them raggitty clothes."
"But I wasn't sleeping."
"Oh I geddit. Not sleeping but corpsing."
"Well . . yes. Sort of."
"Well now yer resurrected. So sling yer freakin’ hook." 


Apr 1, 2012

Magpie Tales#111

Tess from Willow Manor gives us a picture of someone lost in thought. Or maybe merely lost, for her Magpie prompt this week.

Stretching Your Credulity, and the Limerick.

A keen poultry breeder called Beggs
wondered if he could incubate eggs.
He put this to the test
in a bald eagle's nest.
But the big bird said "Look, do
you think you're a cuckoo?
And I sure mean no harm
but you've got such thin arms!
Those spindly things
seem useless for wings.
And you took off your shoes -
which leads me to muse
that maybe you fly with your legs?"