Aug 1, 2010

Verifying The Poetry Bus.

The task, admirably set by NANU, was to use a verification word or words in a poem.  So . .

On the Dangers of Whibal

Stanza Uno

Polsy (she's my neighbour's daughter)
Suped Centora to the water.
Alphyl, watching from the bank
Hid their zilacs . . whibal prank!
Those poor girls! He left them dising
left them with the river rising.
Just in time came Polsy's sister.
Threw a rope and saved their dister!
Both the girls were gridely grateful.
They said "Alphyl is ankeme hateful.
Whibal pranks! We could have drowned,
If Lystome had not been around!
So . . . in future, we girls shall
Avoid him, he's dasypygal!"

Stanza Due

Mrs.Trellis of North Wales
told me off in her eMails.
So, although is seems absurd
One blogcheck's an English Word!
Check them in your dictionairy.
One means "blessed(*) with buttocks hairy"

(*)  Or cursed.  Take yer pick.


  1. Delightful! So glad those captcha words aren't going to waste. I'm going to go to sleep now, and dream about whibal pranks.

  2. Oh!This was so nice-very clever!I liked it very much :)

  3. Bet ankeme is Scottish! Apart from that, it all makes perfect sense to me - I speak the same language very often. :)

  4. This was very difficult (for me, foreign language), but: Tria sunt, quae praestare debeat orator, ut doceat, moveat, delectet. You did it! Britta

  5. Oh, yes ... you are definitely ON THE BUS!

  6. Britta . . . you probably did better than I would, confronted with Goethe! Now . . . where did I put my Latin Primer??

    All . . . Best thanks for your kind comments. Look at the words long enough and they begin to sound English!

  7. Good, when you've found your primer Doc, you can let me have a look too?!


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