Aug 9, 2010

Staying with the gardening theme (see post below this)

A prize winning gardener from Harrow
said "I don't want to damage my marrow.
And so when I go
To fair, fete or show
I need an upholstered wheelbarrow."


  1. But the marrow turned mushy,
    became brown and slushy
    so the gard'ner returned to his shed,
    polished carrots and onions
    like big, golden bunions,
    and exhibited all those instead.

  2. The upholsterer said:
    "I think you are mad,
    don't make a fuss about one marrow!
    Trust the Lord: his eye is on the sparrow.
    About that you can count yourself glad!"

    (Matthäus 6; well - lucky indeed)

  3. MUST I leave a limerick as a comment???

  4. Ooh, I want one too! And a chauffeur...

  5. ~T~ Good of you to call in. I think you should go for a sedan chair. These upholstered wheelbarrows don't usually survive head-on collisions.


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