Aug 19, 2010

Please Help Mrs.Trellis

She came across the following out in Blagland . . . oops, sorry in Blogland. She will award a minimum of 500,000 points to any blogger who can tell her what it means. And you know what points from Mrs.Trellis mean . . .
"Artists in literature, fine art and music affect their audiences’ awareness of possibilities in cultural change through their use of iconic realism by representing concepts in need of transformation. The study of iconic realism offers an exploration of semiotic theory and iconic structures within the arts."


  1. As a long time exponent of talking to my plants, I feel this is the botanical equivalent of an explanation of photosynthesis in laymans terms, as translated varbatim from a fine specimen of one of the species of Rheum.
    This may be found growing in the wild in the mountains of the Western and North-western provinces of China and in the adjoining Tibetan territory, also in cultivation in much of Europe and the United States.
    From Webster's dictionary, we find this alternative name - rhu-barb, Pronunciation: \?rü-?bärb\, noun, from Middle English rubarbe, from Middle French reubarbe, from Medieval Latin reubarbarum, alteration of rha barbarum, literally, barbarian rhubarb, 15th century.

  2. Well that's bluddi helpful, Jinks, innit! Now it's still as clear as mud. No points for you then . . .

  3. Harumph! Wanders off in high dudgeon, muttering "Rhubarb, rhubarb!" as per traditional crowd noises...

  4. Easy! It means, 'I don't know much about art but I know what I like.'

  5. Hmm, yes, I agree with it.
    Just kidding, it's all mud to me.

  6. Dear Dr.FTSE,
    no need to call on M15 or Mr Gehlen (who called himself Dr. Schneider, FOH) - although embedding encoded information in an iconic version of text image could be deciphered. "Turn, turn, turn" sang The Byrds ( )- hope you are just old enough to remember them, though I doubt it - and the "iconic turn", the "linguistic turn", the "accoustic turn" and the "space turn" - they all were just (American) fashions, prefering the corresponding sort of text --- as I somehow impolite prefered turning away from my husband's long and profound explanation (he is the one and only professor for Popular Culture in Germany).
    He would give the prize to Jinksy, because he says "I always reacted to those 'turns' like her: I murmur "rhubarb, rhubarn, rhubarb!" So there you are: we have our daft Lena Meyer-Landsrut, but the 500,000 points go to: Great Britain! Tata!!

  7. I have no idea what any of you are talking about (and I suspect neither do you)... I'm off to whallop a cod... they can't 'ave you for it!

  8. "Life is short, Art is long" perhaps?

  9. Later . . . I have tete-a-teted with Mrs.Trellis(*). That's one of life's REAL experiences, believe you me. She poured withering scorn on all the miserable efforts recorded here, saying "Not one of you has got anywhere near the heart of that deathless prose, and NOBODY GETS ANY POINTS, GEDDIT!"
    (*) Lives in North Wales. Another wasted journey.


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