Aug 31, 2010


takes cue
for walk round
the green baize bed. 
 Prowls. Ponders. Crouches. Lies
down. Aims. Squints. Aims. Gets
up. Taps cue on cushion. Points 
at the blue. "Oh Nooooo!" A little
blob of chalk! "Let's keep our balls clean, ref!"
He's on a one-four-seven! Fouls first red!

The poetic form "etheree" has been defined elsewhere.  More demanding than it looks, because one must be able to count as well as think of the right words.  Doesn't HAVE to be centered, but in this case the shape is a bit like the wooden triangle that the red balls sit in at . . . . Oh, Forget it!


  1. Why forget it? I get it! (Tho' I gave up billiards for the same reason I gave up golf - for damaging the green.)

    Very clever, as usual, Doc. Do you just whip these up in under 2 minutes?

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Terrific etheree. Your words say exactly exactly what it says on the tin. And I still haven't tried this form!

  4. Oh were I Sir Neville Chamberlaine - or had he given me a c(l)ue! About the life at Court and British Etiquette - although I felt so PIO(u)S somebody regal told me today just what I am: a - snooker.
    Attempting to hit a red, failing to escape, feeling framed,
    I say : give me a break.

  5. Oops! Now I've forgotten what I was going to say... Snookered again!


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