Sep 3, 2010

Once again FTSE fits his response to a well-known tune. Listen to King Louis, or Pet Clark, or hear it belted out at ten-to-six . . . .  

that doesn't look quite right.  Oh well . . . 

I've got rid of my clapped-out PC.
For as far ahead as I can seeeee
I will swear by MacBooks . . 
they've such elegant looks.
Now it's Apple Mac always for meeee.

When it comes to Mac versus PC
Be it Acer, Compaq or HPeeee
Mac is top of the town,
'cos they never break down,
they're are stable, completely freeze-freeee!

I'm as certain as certain can beeee
Mac OS is not viruseee!
And their firewalls are stout,
They lock all hackers out
So no-one can steal your moneeeee!

Mac filters are something to seeee.
They work most reliabeleeee
They filter out spam
And slices of ham
And other bloggers' raspberreeee.

Mac updates update while you nap,
So the latest is always on tap.
Compared with a Dell
Mac's work very well . . . 
Make yer av'rage PC look like

System Error.btw7554  "Your browser has been disconnected from the Internet.  Upcoming Norty Word detected"
System Error.lol3421    "This author has been banned by a blog administrator."
System Error.ftse186     "And don't complain to Mrs.Trellis. She's on our side."
System Error.petc897   "Whatever is that statue behind Miss Clark doing?"


  1. Nothing like a singalong to start the day in a happy way, even if it's tears before bedtime!

  2. P.S. I should have added that the Ten-to-six rendition is enough to make anyone cry. Eek! Slaughter by singing - if you could call it that. I think I might invoke System Error. btw7554 if I said what I truly thought of it...

  3. Ten-to-six was the version I clicked on - wish I hadn't. I'm sure your singing voice can't be any worse . . . can it?

  4. I will say that Macs are the better computer, however they are as expensive as can be. I'm using an Acer netbook at the moment, hasn't frozen up on me yet, but we'll see what the future holds, LOL! Wonderfully written magpie!


  5. Jabblog . . it looks to me as though the poor lassie is rehearsing for the School Musical or somesuch. My singing voice worse . . . ? Debatable.

    S.W. You are right. Feature for feature, Macs are about twice the price of a PC. If you're a Mac fan, you've a choice of ONE manufacturer. PC's have to compete with each other. No1 and No2 daughters both use Acers now and are very pleased. I like Macs . . . for one reason, I'm close to a "Genius Bar"- which offer really first rate help.
    Best thanks for the compliment.

  6. You're making me want a Mac .... real bad!

  7. Fun apple post; as far as I am concerned all I want is a computer that works and it doesn't matter to me what brand/type it is.

  8. A Mac is fine -- as a hamburger. But I do my work and I do it well, on a rickety old PC named Dell. :-)

  9. ah, used to have a Mac for work..i did love it...have a PC now...if i had the choice i would be a Mac...but too darn expensive right verse...nice magpie!

  10. Loved it. I've just bought my first MacBook and I like it lots.

  11. I shouldn't really judge between PC and Mac. Never touched a PC keyboard in me life! But it's true that Macs are very pricey.

    Thanks to all for kind comments.

  12. I especially like the bit about spam, ham and raspberries.

    Went to the Apple shop in Liverpool last week - exhibited great reserve by only leaving with a Nano but if I'm very good I may get myself an iPad before the year is out.

  13. Sort of like an anthem..I will take it to may sway me away from my PC...

  14. perfectly hilarious...makes me want a Big no no Great Magpie!

  15. An apple a day keep viruses away? Excellent and fun.

  16. Broken Biro . . Does Liverpool's Mac shop incorporate a Genius Bar? Very helpful with any problems/repairs.

    Lyn . . don't change for the sake of changing. That just costs money!

    K and S and all . . thanks for your appreciation.

  17. Very clever, indeed!! Thanks for the Sunday morning smiles, Dr.

  18. Thank you, Willow and Jingle. We aim to please . . .

  19. stuck with my pc from he**, oh, we**, it showed your magpie fine enough.

  20. nothing like a cheery tune

  21. this could be a was fun to read. I may have to look into a PC gives me premature gray hair!

  22. Caty . . 'tis a song! 'tis "In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree" Or 'tis to the tune of.

    Thanks Gingeyginge and Tumblewords for your visit and kind comments

  23. Brillant Doctor... still a PC girl ...but those MACs sure sound tempting...bkm

  24. A Mac may be expensive -
    but it depends upon which kind?
    In dear old rainy England,
    another sort you'll find.
    It's plastic, and unsightly
    and often makes you sweat
    even though it was designed
    to stop you getting wet...

  25. Some Macs lurk on bloggers' desks.
    Their "sleep light' lights the dark.
    The sort that Jinksy writes about
    Lurk nightly in the park . . .

  26. Of macs ind parks I do not know-
    at night I'm safe-tucked, sleeping,
    not lurking outside in the dark
    where scarey men are creeping!

  27. Don't hold back so much. Tell us if you truly prefer the Mac to a PC.

  28. Dana . . I really am no judge, because I have never laid a finger on a PC! A big advantage of using a Mac is the local "Genius Bar" - dedicated Mac stores with a repair service and advice counter staffed by Mac-trained young people who really do help you with your hardware/software problems. Google will tell you their locations. Make sure you live near one!


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