Sep 20, 2010

Great Inventions#207

The "FastCool" Teaspoon(*)

This silly-looking yet ingenious and useful device is
a teaspoon with a large heat-exchanger at the end 
of its handle.    When you are in a hurry to finish 
your breakfast tea or coffee - say when the taxi is 
waiting or the Men in White Coats have called to 
take  you to a place of safety - grab your 
"FastCool" instead  of your ordinary teaspoon and 
stir your tea or coffee like there was no tomorrow.  
Heat conducted up the long handle will be 
dissipated by the large circular wire-mesh 
heat-exchanger and your drink will cool before you 
can say "Typhoo"(*)

(*) Brand of tea much drunk in the UK.

(*)You likely won't have anywhere to store it, but that's true of most of the gadgets you can order on-line from the kitchen catalogues, isn't it, like electric egg-slicers and the cute little mangle you can get for wringing out your used tea-bags before you recycle them?


  1. A heat exchanging teaspoon
    could be a useful tool-
    but only for the person
    who's a gullible wee fool,
    and believes you (is there someone?)
    Really, who can tell?
    But I say, pull the other one-
    it's fitted with a bell!

  2. Jinksy . . this is the 207th Great Invention in the series. Look out for G.I.#208 - the "Farthing-Penny"; and G.I.#209 - a Great Invention for helping you to peer into upstairs windows. And finally - I've just thought of one myself, which could become G.I#210 - the "LegPull Bell Silencer." As Shakespeare said "Necessity lead to the Invention of Mothers". Or something.

  3. Doc, can I order a G.I#210 from you, as soon as you have perfected the prototype, and commence production? It is obviously the one thing which would make my life complete. At present, the sound of bells is deafening around here...

  4. Looks like the perfect item for those office party Secret Santa gifts.

  5. I don't invent these Great Inventions! Whatever gave you that idea? I scour the www and the Patent Offices, principally the UK and those nations which, in the interests of National Security or something, have been instructed to make sure that their sense of humour never sees the light of day.

  6. If I want my tea to cool quickly I sometimes put several tea spoons in - they work as heat exchangers a bit as they are. I don't tend to do this in public, though. People are odd about that sort of thing. But it does work!


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