Sep 12, 2010


trim, stay 
slim in this
atomic age!
Skim those deposits
of radioactive lint
from your belly-button's rim.
And never mind if then you find
you can't see the time on your wrist-watch
in the dark 'cos your navel has gone dim.


  1. My navel has just lit up - not sure what the significance of that is, but will await developments...I've directed traffic from Napple Notes to your brilliant Nuclaree, as it deserves more recognition. :)

  2. Extraordinarily clever. Am I being too extravagant, as Friko says? But it IS brilliant.

  3. Now what brought that on? Perhaps I'd rather not know ;-)

  4. Jabblog . . . 2 things. 1) The other day I was actually trying to see the keypad of my landline phone in very dim light, and 2) for an unaccountable reason I remembered a birthday card my brother sent me MANY years ago with the message "How to enjoy a healthy, Happy Birthday in the Atomic Age. Keep well away from radioactive fluff." I put the two ideas together . . .

    Deborah and Jinksy, thank you. Jinksy . . you are an excellent Literary Agent. (Few came . . . BooHoo!)

  5. Dear Doctor FTSE,
    so maybe it was your birthday now?
    Then Happy Birthday to you!
    (If I am wrong these irradiate wishes will keep fresh till THE day).
    I don't know wether you had in England those machines too where you, as a kid, could look into and see wether the bones of your feet - very interesting - fit into the shoe the shopkeeper gave you - fascinating x-ray pictures... (And I repress the memory of my vain protests when my father decided after the third pair of tried shoes: "Those will be taken!Full stop!" - he could see that they fit - but they were ugly!) Yes, very hard pre-adolescence, you see.
    So maybe not my navel but my feet are shining? Brightly glowing in High Heels! Britta


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