Sep 22, 2010

Pardon . . . ?

From a BBC News Website, Wednesday 22nd September, reporting on the Commonwealth Games due to start in Dehli on 3rd. October.
The Games, which are due to run from 3-14 October, have been beset by concerns over security and facilities.
Safety fears were heightened after a section of false ceiling near the weightlifting area of the main stadium fell in on Wednesday.
No injuries were reported and Indian officials said it was "not something to be worried about".
Worried?  Of course not.  Weightlifters are used to ceilings falling on their heads . . . 


  1. Almost the same as weights dropping on their toes - all in a day's work!

  2. Perhaps they should arrange for some weightlifters to hold up the false ceiling? lol :)

  3. Geeze until someone gets hurt? How hard could it be to fix?


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