Sep 30, 2010

This Little Lamp of Mine.
Lead kindly lamp, amid th'encircling gloom: the ‘lectrics gone.
Can't find my way into my own bedroom: I’ve fallen on
times that are hard and getting harder still
No cash in hand my larder for to fill.

No mates to tap, even for fifty pence - to buy some spuds.
Lately I've found the Bank will not talk sense: I've pawned my goods.
The phone’s been stopped. My credit score has dropped
Financial brink! One more bill and I’ll sink.

I get a sense of all-embracing doom - not far ahead.
Lead kindly lamp into the stygian gloom: I'm off to bed.
That’s the last straw! A draught has spooked the flame!
Typing om s7g dark os nev>rt qui&t the same.

(Karaoke to the tune of:  "Lead Kindly Light")


  1. You made me think. Thinking gives me a headache. Then I realized I should stock up on kerosene for we're all in the same boat.

  2. That's a worrying tale... but enjoyed reading it... Nice mag!!

  3. Typing om s7g dark os nev>rt qui&t the same. LOL :)
    I find touch typing produces the same effect for me, even in daylight! May your spooked flame be easy to rekindle, and allow you to live long and prosper, even if you do have to do it in the dark...

  4. brillantly clever....with monty python magic...bkm

  5. I don't know if the last line is deliberate or needs to be fixed. But it works somehow!

    doomed if I do, doomed if I don't

  6. gautami tripathy . . . od cousrw tjd lasr lobe niids to be foxed, bit r7msnber, 9 was tripint ij tfc drs;k! :)

  7. Everything's better when you sing it, life...gloom...I think you've got a hit here!!

  8. I luv this. U paint such an accurate pic of everything going wrong...even the lamp going out at the last min so u can't c 2 type. Great job.

  9. Yes. Lynn . . but isn't "Lead Kindly Light" about the most dismal tune in the hymnery?

    Kathi . . . story of my life. Probably the story of everybody's life. Ho-hum!

    signed. . bkm. Thank you. Your kind comments always cheer. Even in the dark.

    JInksy . . I've lived long already, but rarely prospered. Should change my Bank . . .

  10. Wonderful, I would like you to perform it to that tune you suggest, as I am not familiar and put it on youtube. I think you have done a wonderful job here and there may be some coin in it for you. I am thinking Ellen Degeneres perhaps.

  11. Wow, very cleverly written piece.

    Great Magpie.

  12. Loved the ending - took me a second to get it! Ha! Very funny!

  13. Clever indeed! Nice Mag. Love and Light, Sender

  14. end on a humorous tone to a very serious condition...nice magpie!

  15. You're in a good place when you can make light out of a lack of light...

  16. Always look on the bright side of life, even when there's no wick.

  17. clever fellow...especially the last line!
    i lvd it aslot


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