Aug 17, 2010

Microfiction Monday #44

Microfiction Monday needs 140 characters devoted to this character
Theme . . . .

Variation 1
"What's up Sir Knight, hanging about outside yer TinTent?"
"I washed it. It would dry better if I could see how to turn it inside-out."
(140 characters inc. spaces)

Variation 2
Enter Hamlet, in full armour:
Hamlet.  "To pee or not to pee, that is the question."

Variation 3
"What's that tin thing, Daddy?"
"It's the Sealed Knot Society's portaloo, son."

Variation 4
"Oh, what can ail thee, Knight-at-Arms, alone and palely loitering, bollock naked outside thy TinTent?"
"Forgot the entry password, innit!"
(136 characters. Apologies to John Keats)

Variation 5
Juliet:  "Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou, Romeo?"
                       Romeo: "Locked in 'ere, you silly moo!  Run and get the tin-opener!"


  1. He must be related to Sir Thomas Tom of Appledore!

  2. Oh dear Dr. FTSE,
    coming back from a trip to Berlin and being slightly tired (no need to count sheep like dear Jinksy in her last post, I hope), my giggle made me fit again when I found your Iron Lady (after writing a well selling book, 3.edition!, as you know, on 'household-management for young men' I am all the more convinced that no Knight will clean his Tin Tent :-)

  3. Sorry, didn't mean to leave a comment in stereo, but I can't clear it totally...and now you will be face with an idiot in triplicate! Good job this blog is quite used to things that are very silly - it means I am in good company. :)

  4. Jinksy . . Blog author can remove all traces of comments. Blog author has done! (This service is free. Just arsk!)

  5. Welcome! Fun take on the picture but characters include the spaces. Thought I'd mention in case you wanted to know but understand if you didn't

  6. Thanks, John. Length is adjusted now.

  7. Poor knight--having to wash-and-wear his only outfit. Great job!

  8. :D I liked the concept of washing-drying-wearing the knight outfit.Brilliant :)
    "Dryer got disfigured, line broke,now it tin rag" :D

    Jeez!This reminds me I have some serious laundry to do :-|

  9. sylvia and ET . . . best thanks. Wonder what the repairman made of the washing machine, ET? Don't forget to add some WD40 to the powder.

    Thinkin' up variations . . . didn't help the insomnia!

  10. Those other versions are just as good as the first one, especially Variation#5..Lol too good..I mean Tin opener!haha...

  11. Hi Erratic Thoughts . . . I've looked at quite a lot of the other entries. There are quite a few other tin-openers and quite a lot of WD40!

  12. I'm a great believer in the old adage " Variety is the spice of life", y'know Doc, but I think No. 4 comes out tops.

  13. FTSE, you are on a roll this week--demonstrating a quirky and creative mind! Well done.

  14. Jinksy . . you mean the bits I wrote or the bits John Keats wrote?

  15. Pat . . thank you. Most of it comes to me in dreams . . . or keeps me awake, or something.

  16. All were good, I enjoyed #5 the most. I am still chuckling as I post this.

  17. Doc, It's the combination of Keats and FTSE that I find endearing...

  18. I liked them all but Hamlet and the Sealed Knot get my loudest smiles. (You did know that smiles are noisy, didn't you?)

  19. Jabblog . . of course! Abbreviates to ROFSOL.
    Jinksy . . . in that case I expect you'll know Keats' "Ode to the Stock Exchange" HeHeHe!
    Bill . . . . . Thank you. Not sure that doing >1 wasn't cheating.

  20. "Stock exchange" is what regularly happens on Fridge Soup!

  21. ROFSOL about variation 3, my favourite ;-)

  22. Effing hell! I had no idea! You convinced me to refuse the Knighthood! Also now know why Arthur had a round table... so everyone suffered the same concentration of stink! All hilarious!


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