Mar 17, 2012

Friday Flash Fiction 16th.March

G-Man's picture sparked no spark this week, so I was inspired by this one, shot through an East Window.

I know a young student called Boon
who'll be in the slammer till June
for baring his ass
in the Astronomy class
'cos he didn't understand "a full moon"

I am much indebted to another blogger of full moons for the third and fourth lines, who, reading this, will know who I mean.

(Makes 55 words including the anonymous attribution, hehe!)


  1. Hey Doc....
    Enjoyed your Limerick so much, I'm now inspired!
    Loved your 55 My Friend
    You just gave me my next post.
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  2. Funny your 55 was on full moon, mine was lunar also;-)

    Have fun, I sure did reading this!


    1. Love this limerick, Dr., so apt for St. P.'s weekend. Full moons making the rounds. Your photo could match my 55 too, in a different more loony sense.

  3. LOL! They should have let him stay in class so he'd learned he didn't have to bare his ass :) (sorry, couldn't resist another rhyme). Loved it, Dr. FTSE

  4. Semantics will trip a person up every time!

  5. Hehe - lots of 'mooning' going on with this weeks FFF55. Yours is a fun one!

  6. LOL. Yeah, those last two lines work well.

  7. Poor kid who sat behind him in class! Very funny, as usual.

  8. Love it! Such a severe penalty for a misunderstanding. The Astronomy teacher probably said: "Show us Uranus!"


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