Apr 7, 2013


The Poem a Day Challenge invites poets to produce a new work every day during April. 

On April 3rd 1885 Gottlieb Daimler was granted a German patent for an internal combustion engine. He installed it in an old stagecoach - which he claimed was a present for Frau Daimler - so his competitors wouldn't know what he was up to . . . .


He called it his "Grandfather Clock"(*)
and challenged all-comers to mock.
He said to himself
"It's too tall for the shelf -
 Und ich think nichts gegegen zu wok"

(*)  You can check this out on WIKI.

1 comment:

  1. Well now - Gottlieb? God-love? What a name for an inventor...makes me think of the phrase 'Lor-luv-a- duck'...but who'd want to be called Luvduck, or even Ducklove? What inventions would they sound like, I wonder? Hmm... back to your day #2...


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