Apr 7, 2013


The Poem a Day Challenge invites poets to produce a new work every day during April.  A tall order! But I suspect whoever set the challenge had their tongue in their cheek.  So I call their bluff!

I'm No Fool.

For a while I felt terribly cursed.
This Challenge was really the wursed.
A poem a day
Till the month turns to May?
Ah!  Got it!  It's April the Fursed.



  1. Now you only need add another six limericks to this post, to catch up with everybody else for day 8 of NaPoRiMo tomorrow!

    Make 'em all as good as the 'fursed'
    and by laughter you'll be reimbursed!

  2. Hahahaha - oh make it a limerick a day! Brilliant!

    1. To both of you, Mary and Jinks
      I will what you ask overthink
      But a limerick a day!
      Oh, what can I say
      Twenty eight more! My heart sinks.

    2. Now we're hoping to see number nine;
      Please don't let the numbers decline,
      for a new fact a day
      is a great way to play,
      when the date and your humour combine!


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