Apr 16, 2013


The Poem a Day Challenge invites poets to produce a new work every day during April, so this is an offering for Day 14

"Titanic" struck a big lump of ice.
Wilkes Booth shot Lincoln. Not nice!
 And you could all look
 at Webster's word book
 if it hasn't been eaten by mice.

Notable April 14ths.

1865.  John Wilkes Booth, an actor and a Confederate spy shot US President Abraham Lincoln during the interval of a performance of "Our American Cousin" in Ford's Theatre, Washington DC. Lincoln died the next day.

1912.  RMS "Titanic" on its maiden voyage from Southampton UK to New York, sailing under full steam in hope of claiming the Blue Riband, collided with an iceberg.  Holed below the waterline, the ship sank in the early hours of the following day to the mournful strains of Celine Dion wailing "My Heart Will Carry On."

1828.  Noah Webster took out copyright on the first edition of his enduring Dictionary.


  1. Works? Limericks?

    OK, if you say so. Definitely good for a laugh.

  2. What a trio of historical facts - stranger than fiction, almost, but all worthy of a giggle once they've passed through your hands! :)


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