Apr 14, 2013


The Poem a Day Challenge invites poets to produce a new work every day during April, so this is an offering for Day 11

On April 11th 1079 Bishop Stanislaus of Krakov was executed by order of Boleslaw II of Poland.

Salad Daze

Cried Boleslaw, "I heard what you said
you horrible wee cleric ned!
My title is 'Boleslaw'
but you called me 'Coleslaw'
The penalty? Off with his head!"

Footnote.  Boleslaw II was nicknamed Boleslaw the Generous.  Hmmm! 


1 comment:

  1. Gee, Doc, where do you dig up these people from? Did you meet them in your salad days? Hehehe!


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