Apr 14, 2013


The Poem a Day Challenge invites poets to produce a new work every day during April, so this is a late offering for Day 10.

On April 10th 1710 the "Statute of Anne" came into force. This was Britain's earliest attempt to create Copyright Law to protect so-called "intellectual property" including blogs!  Disgruntled authors who suspected plagiarism or downright theft could henceforth seek redress in the Courts.

You Have Been Warned!

This is Doctor Footsie's proud boast
effective from coast to far coast.
"If you pinch my work
don't expect me to shirk
from spreading your guts on my toast."



  1. Eeew! Waht's up with Marmite, like everybody else? lol

  2. ...or even, 'what's up' ? Dyslexic typing fingers are a curse known only to those jinxed by name as well as nature...


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