Apr 20, 2013


The Poem a Day Challenge invites poets to produce a new poem every day during April, so here's a double-barrelled limerick for Day 18. 

Albert Einstein died on 18th. April 1955.  Without him, some other physicist would have discovered his Theories of Relativity, and he could then have stuck to pulling faces.

It's All Relatively Schimples!

"Space-Time(*) is quite easy my friend!
And the Deutchmark(**) will drop in the end.
My theories prove
space tells mass how to move
And mass? Mass tells space how to bend!"

"What's more, I have often averred
that E equals M times C squared.
Take one spoonful of goo,
split its atoms in two -
Hey Presto! You've demolished the world!"

(*) Einstein dreamed up this strange "object"  It is four dimensional and fits neatly into the Klein Bottles I have discussed in another place.

(**) We usually say "Penny."  But she might be miffed at being included in these unruly limericks.


1 comment:

  1. Queen Victoria may not have been amused, but this Penny is ready to snort a guffaw or two at any jest aimed in her direction. LOL.
    P.S. My tongue is just as pointy as Einstein's, and on a bad hair day, that too can be as recalcitrant as his, but sadly, my mathematical gene only stretched as far as O level...


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