Aug 17, 2010

Breakfast With Ginger

Somebody needs further training . . .

but I'm not sure it's the retriever . . .


  1. I wonder if losing the spoon was planned? It didn't seem that way...
    Improvise, and quickly!

  2. I've seen another video like this before (different dog - not as cute) and find them strangely appealing! There should be a dreadful doggie pun in here but my pun-factory has had a big walk-out this morning... maybe someone shouted: 'Walkies!'

  3. Has this got something to do with that Brit Dolly the Sheep thing?
    You know...cloning gone wrong?

  4. Sorry Doc, this one's not for you -

    Hey, Rallentanda - Where you gone,gal? Hope your walkabout is near its end - Blogland's missed you! And my St Trininans uniform is gettin' mothballs in it! Hope you come back to read this...


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