Aug 21, 2011

Thursday Think Tank#62

Poets United seeks poems based on the Third Letter of Our Names

The C-Word

I'm Charming, Conscientious, Careful, Cute.
Not Condemnatory, Cynical or Cruel.
My Conversation's Cultured, never Coarse,
UnCeasingly Considerate - that's my rule.(*)

When Calliope Calls me for a Cwatrain(**)
which Could Conjure Critique and other Crap
I don't enable Comment moderation.
I'm Confident you'll Chuckle, Cheer and Clap.

Concisely put, I'm Cwite(**) a Clever Chappie,
Cool Company from Coast to Shining Coast.
Consider this - I'm modest, shy, retiring!
So if I say "Conceited?  Moi!" - I'm toast.

(*)    I know, I know!  But note that the "C" is the third letter of the word. HAHAHA!
(**)  Oh Curses!  I should have been Called "RaQuel"


  1. Mmm...toast in time for breakfast. Pass the marmalade? *smile*
    Cool collection of 'C' words cavorting capably con brio.

  2. Yes, I am chuckling, cheering, and clapping...and clinking my cup of tea against the monitor. Oops, now there is a mess I must leave to wipe up. :)

  3. I can't Condemn your Credibility nor Criticize your Convincing Creativity! This was one Cosmic Creation!

  4. C is one of my favourite letters, obviously...

  5. An allusive alliteration absurdly affecting the attributes of animalistic amusements, i.e., funny as heck, dude!
    Where do you get this stuff?

  6. I'm with Jinksy - craving marmalade for some reason. Do you have this effect on others?

  7. Considerable chuckles commenced.

  8. Oh, thank you all! Thank you! My ego is fully restored.

  9. Oh yeah, you do make us "Chuckle, Cheer and Clap." clever chap :)

  10. Sir, I'm afraid that it's not your Ego that's ailing, but your Id is a bloody mess. I know a doctor that specializes in uncontrollable silly behavior, and I do believe he makes house calls, accompanied by two quite nice young men in clean white coats.

  11. Very clever. I enjoyed your modesty, hee hee.

  12. Jackie J and Sherry . . . I have many failings, but modesty is not one of them.
    Thanks to all visitors for their interest and comments.


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