Aug 22, 2011

Monday's Child#52

Week by week, bkm looks for writing prompted by an illustration from a childrens' book. This week, a delightful picture by Kay Akers

Stand By to Repel Visitors!

“Oh, Crumbs!  Here’s Auntie Ermintrude with Baby in its pram.
She’ll ‘Coochy-Coo’ and ‘Tricky-Troo’ and ‘Isn’t he a lamb!’
Not only that, she’s brought her son, our genius cousin Mike
And I declare, her daughter’s there, that monster on the bike.”

We must defend our afternoon or else we’ll prisoned be,
munching stupid fairy cakes and supping endless tea.
Artillery is what we need to stop them in their tracks,
Something to bomb them with and cry “Buzz Off!” or “Watch yer backs!”

These toy balloons on bits of string are not a good idea.
Balloons go UP! They have no punch! We need some stronger gear.
I know!  I’ve heard in days of yore one could invasions foil
by tipping on the invading heads big cauldrons of hot oil.
So find the chip-pan! Light the gas! Heat to a rolling boil . . .

(Kids, eh?) 


  1. How did you know I had an Auntie Ermintrude? Many's the time she pushed me in a pram...But she never cooked me chips.

  2. This may have burst my bubble- I like floaty balloons!

  3. " monster on the bike" lol
    Ha,planning in panic can be very funny!:D

  4. So this is what the boys are really thinking in all those sweet poems where we usually only here the woman's voice. LOL This is so creative.

  5. Dr. Dr.,
    How much cleverness can one person have?? It's not fair - you got my share, and that of a hundred others, too.

  6. So perfect for today when "aunt Ermintrude" showed up on my doorstep too!

  7. Silliness abounds in the world, and you are a frontrunner... Spot on, well done!

  8. I thought I was the only person left in the world with a chip pan since the advent of 'oven' chips. Apparently not.
    Very entertaining :)

  9. Thank you, Bloggers all, for these kind comments.

    Sue J . . . keep it up, lass, keep it up! Oven chips are no match for a sliced King Edward, blanched a few minutes in "cool" oil and then crisped to a pale golden brown at 325ÂșC. Munch greedily while hot, then pour the residue over Aunt Ermintrude! HEHEHE!

  10. Is there a hidden connection here, Doctor, with the phrase 'When the chips are down?'

  11. Hot oil! Who runs this joint, Saddam Hussein? Ha ha.


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