Aug 26, 2011

Thursday Stink Tank#63

Robert Lloyd has sniffed out a challenging prompt for blogpoets to get a scent of this week.


Give me a girl with garlic on her breath!
Fragrance of warmer air and jugs of wine.
Oh, such a one I'd love half way to death!
Not all the way, I could not spare the time

from thinking of her mediterranean hair,
falling about her shoulders and the wood-
en chopping board, the cloves of garlic there
blithe to be squidged to make her lips taste good.

Sometimes she'll munch mouthfuls of allium raw –
pungent disulphides plating pearly teeth,
promising scented lungfuls and much more.
Ah now I live and breathe, while underneath

the cooker-hood the pasta rolls and boils
as drops of garlic essence she drips in.
Not too much in case the penne spoils
nor so little her perfumed burps seem thin.

As aniseed is to the hunting hound
so hints of garlic urge my manly pride
and when she smoothes the garlic butter round
her person - she can run but she can’t hide.

Keep, if you please, your "Blue Grass" and "Chanel,"
witches' brews that all real ladies scorn.
Let me inhale the aroma I love well -
garlic sweet as sunlight each new dawn.

This poem was previously posted for Tess Kincaid's Magpie Tales#56, 
on 10th.March 2011
Other worthier efforts can be seen here


  1. Nothing like the smell of garlic...someone else's. Ewwwww! LOL.

  2. "She can run but she can’t hide" - unless it be inside a bin bag!? lol

  3. Garlic in the cooking pot is wonderful....on breath...well that's a horse of another color!
    You are such a fun fellow Doctor ftse! :-)


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