Aug 10, 2011

Magpie Tales#77

From Willow Manor, Tess Kincaid offers another picture for her weekly prompt - Edward Hopper's "Summer Evening"

Bored! Bored! Bored!

What d'you fancy doin' then?
Dunno really.
Go inside? Watch telly? Strictly'll be on at half past.  (*)
Too hot inside really.
(Pause. One yawns. The other yawns.)
Fancy a beer, then. Down the "Swan"?
Maybe. Later. Dunno really.
C'mon! Gotta do something. Nice warm evening.
Could get our kit off?
Leave it out! Really! You're always wantin' it.
Too hot anyway really.
Knew a guy once, talked about the 'rhythmic slap-slap of sweaty bellies'.
You! You really disgust an' all.
(Pause. She sighs.)
Dump, this is.
I know! Got an idea!
What now then?
Go down the town. Take the videocam. Lot of fun down the town. Cops and Robbers every night these days, innit? Kids settin' fires an' that. Smashin' shop windows. Lootin'. Little kids nine an' ten  runnin' off with plasma TV's an' that. iPads. Laptops. You name it. Guys loadin' fridges an' stuff into white vans and harin' off. Police van got torched last night.  Britain in two thousand and elev . . 
(She perks up)
What was that about shop windows. Really? Lootin' shops?
Yeah really!  Was on the TV News earlier.
Well c'mon!  What we waitin' for!  I could get myself some decent kit out of M&S instead of this pink tat  . . !

(*) Overseas friends!  He is referring to a widely watched UK TV show "Strictly Come Dancing" , an aspect of the "Bread and Circuses" government of UK which generally but not always keeps the mob happy


  1. I think I should ask Mrs Trellis to grab a broom and help the police quell the riots. In fact, one steely gaze from her gimlet eys might be all that was needed to stop any looters dead in their tracks...

  2. Ooohh!such a realistic take...
    I hope things come back to normal for UK and the riots are quelled down...

  3. Clever take on the prompt- enjoyed the dialogue!!

  4. That's quite a tale and an interesting take on the prompt. Good job!

  5. Thanks for dropping by and leaving your comment - any dialogue I did couldn't have matched this one!

    Hope your all safe up in your neck of the woods - North Finchley is keeping the hoodies at bay.

  6. Dear Dr. A very current current of affairs the hot, the cold and the explosive. Wonders why summer does this to people? Love the regional dialects..."get our kit off" I will remember this one for sure! (totally new to me!):)

  7. After all, the police won't stop them . . .

  8. Problem . . the age of criminal responsibility in the UK is 10. So - if you want a new TV or Playstation, send your 9 year old daughter or son or brother or sister out to steal one for you during the looting. Schimples!
    Might not be criminal in the legal/judicial sense, but don't try to tell me the kids don't know its wrong.

  9. I've just been told the Police in Portsmouth are on standby for trouble tonight! Good job I live in Havant...

  10. Jinksy . . you mean you are near enough to Portsmouth to hop on a bus and join in the fun? Get me a digital SLR camera if you happen to be passing Jessops when the window goes in . . . Nikon for preference.

  11. Doc! Are you inciting me to mutiny? Moi?!

  12. Now now! No rioting until you've had your dinner!


  13. LOL! YEs, I can just hear the conversation. Here we all were dwelling on the sad, melancholy and tragic scenarios when all that was happening was that the poor dears were just bored!

  14. Sadly, this is too close to reality.

  15. I hate the current scenes I see on TV and web, but I do love how you worked the mayhem into this Magpie. It was surprising, but somehow made sense and brought a totally different life to the painting.

  16. Yes it is close to the reality of the times. Certainly a different twist on it. I like the line 'Leave it out!'. Reminds me of 60/70s British television sit coms and Wendy Richard who was the voice on Mike Sarne's 'Come Outside'.

  17. lol.....that was quality, innit?

  18. Have you been taping my conversations?

  19. Wonderful! Wonderful! Clap, Clap!! I LOVED THIS!! LOVE the dialogue!


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