Aug 29, 2011

Magpie Tales#80

Hong-Kong photojournalist Christopher Shay spotted this soggy scene, and Tess at WIllow Manor offers it for this week's Magpie prompt.

Whinging in the Rain

What use led blolly
when leaky Chinese shoes squelch?
I blame Mousy Dung.

Lunning dog insult
our Beloved Chairman Mao?
Led Gaurds shled blolly!

Stop! I lead Led Book!
"Thoughts of Chairman Mao" inspire.
Blolly blight led. See!

So please spare blolly.
We led thlough and thlough like you.
But need nice dly shoes.

Solly, lunning dog!
Can't get dly shoes here for all
the tea in China


  1. Velly solly shoes squelch. Lunning dog need welly boots.
    You full of soy sauce, Doctor...

  2. I no lealize what I leading until mind open up, lain understanding in loom with me. See! I then lealize you allesting funny man. You wlite led Magpie and I must dly tears alound my eyes!

  3. Oh, this is funny! Few could top this. LOL.

  4. vely nicely wlitten, and made me smile blightly

  5. Great Mag, great comments, ah so!

  6. Took me a moment to figure out led blolly. :-)

  7. This is getting really silly! Very Milligan!

  8. Very good Doctor! These prompts are so much fun, I love reading them. Have a good week and I hope all is well! ♥

  9. Unknotting tougue even as litting blog.

  10. So funny, you bad - made me laugh out loud
    I lead Led Book!

  11. Hee hee......I'm having Chinese for tea tonight....!!

  12. Oh, I leary rike this! Velly goot.

    I, too, saw the Chinese on the wall. And ya know, there IS a reason for mixing up the r's and l's, and I didn't know it until 15 years after leaving Asia!!


  13. You're possibly beyond help, Doctor, but please keep the Sillies coming.

  14. A tongue twister in poetic form! Excellent!

  15. I did try reading this aloud... not recommended. :)


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