Jan 7, 2011

Magpie Tales#47

Another piece of food-for-thought from Willow this week . . .

Animal, Vegetable or Mineral?

OMG! What is it? Sheesh!
Gorblimey!  What a piece!
Crumbs! Cor! And whadya know!
Blimey!  Way to go!

Look at this another way . . .

There!  Are things clearer now?
Oh goodness gracious! Wow!
I'm beginning to see the light.
(It's not a pretty sight  . . .  )

Look from another angle . . .

Bits of wood all in a tangle.

It's a thing for holding things,
your wrist watch, flowers or bling.
Do those little knobs unscrew
to make a sort of shoe?

Let's turn it just once more . . .

and set it on the floor.

Oh, now I see!  It's AWESOME
A symbolic writhing FOURSOME
with arms and legs akimbo,
man, maiden, gent and bimbo
in the style of Henry Moore!


  1. lol....how creative you are..I could see myself imagine in the first para that you are puzzled with the piece you got trying to figure out what it was from first to the last para....I enjoyed this..nice

  2. At first glance I thought they were specs, but then I put mine on and hey presto Henry Moore ... the foursome is an interesting interpretation, or is that just a tease?

  3. ...quite a challenge this month, for sure. But leave it to a man to see a foursome! Wonderfully witty, as usual.

  4. I have to remember to look at things upside down before coming to a conclusion! You never ever disappoint me! Great post!
    and if you have the time take a peek at my 2011 Photo Project here:

  5. Mary Whitehouse must be turning in her grave
    (If she's dead) Disgoostin!

  6. "man, maiden, gent, and bimbo" = hilarious, and screams to be the title of a book!

    I loved the way you turned the image every which way to give us a new perspective each time. Very clever magpie.

  7. Always more than one way to skin a cat or see the moon, but I like the last one best.

  8. Very,very clever - a joy to read... and look at!

  9. fun to read - enjoyed this quite a bit!

  10. A mag with a difference. Such fun in this - love it!

  11. Akimbo...gent and bimbo. Love it. LOVE it!!


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