Jan 21, 2011

Friday Flash Fiction 21st.January 2011

Mister KnowItAll encouraged participants this week with some fetching fotos of young ladies on or almost on their bicycles. You can see them here.  I stick to the bcycle theme, and the continuing cold weather . . . for this 55 worder.

BREAKING NEWS:  Police were notified early today of an abandoned bicycle in Whitefield (no joke, honest!) Greater Manchester, UK. Fearing the owner might be lost / hypothermic / deranged, they taped the area off and investigated. They found a note fixed to the handlebar. "Spotted distressed Brass Monkey back there. Back soon. Please send for brazing torch."


  1. Now that that nuttiness it out of the way...

    Im' here from "The Ministry Of Silly Walks" to tell you your 55 is great!

    And did you know a brass monkey was basically a trivet to set cannon balls on? So they taught us back in school in the olde country in the olden daze.

  2. The Brass Monkey REALLY exists?
    Thanks for clearing that mystery up!
    You Rock Doc!!!
    Excellent 55 My Friend
    Have missed you on Fridays
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End...G

  3. drink brass monkey here's how you'll feel...lol. beastie boys...hope he found his monkey...nice 55

  4. Love that type humor. Great 55. My 55 is HERE.

  5. Clever little 55 Doc. I thought the Brass Monkey was a drink. Oh, wait....that's a rusty nail.
    Thanks for sharing. I'm glad I saw this.

  6. Jannie Funster has it, I believe! On battleships in the sailing era, a brass monkey was a tray or trivet for carrying cannon balls to the gundecks. The expression originally was "Cold enough to freeze the balls (i.e.cannonballs) ONTO a brass monkey" The rest, as they say, is history played out in the inventive minds of generations of . . er . . . er . . . people like me???

  7. Wit all the way!! Poor coppers though! What a waste of resources.. heheh
    Thoroughly enjoyed this 55 !

  8. Inventive and funny - stranger things have happened.

  9. Wonderful! Did the police take the note seriously, I wonder.

  10. :-) Both humorous AND economical (55 words!)



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