Nov 5, 2010

Magpie Tales#39

Willlow's wonderful prompt this week puts an Evil Eye on all her poets!


I once had a rooster called Ben,
but I believed Ben was a hen.
An easy mistake
any poet could make
whilst seeking the sex
and avoiding the pecks
from his beak and his claw
in the hen gender war . .
I don't think I'll try it again.


  1. A cockscomb is the cap of a jester,
    so while I have no wish to pester,
    I see that you jest
    'cause that's what you do best,
    or possibly, do even bester!

  2. 'Hen gender war' ... so funny. Great Magpie.

  3. So long as you hadn't heated up the omlette pan.

  4. Delightful. I can just imagine someone turning a piece of live poultry upside down in order to determine its sex!!
    Just love this -- and Jinksy's comment as well. :~)
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  5. I thought you could tell by certain outward signs? No?

    Ha, the verification said : clueno , even they agree with me.

  6. Well, this is clever..don't want to get mixed up in the hen gender!!

  7. Haha, this guys a rooster, but my poetry went the hen direction!

  8. just wait for the eggs next time

  9. Fun I think the beak and talons would scare me too much to pick a bird up!

  10. hehe. fun verse...yeah i dont think i will be checking...

  11. I can just picture the whole shenanigen! Brilliant. Reminded me of our poor cat: given to us as she, viz Minouchka. It wasn't until the vet had opened M up for hysterectomy that the awful truth was discovered. She became he, ie Minouchki, minus the other bits, of course.

  12. For me, it was the chicken that crossed the road....thanks for the smiles Richard! :-)

  13. Thank you, Kind Commenters. (The form of my effort is sometimes called the "Stretch Limerick" The idea is to write lots and lots of short lines so that by the time we reach the last line, the reader has lost track of what the rhyme ending of lines 1 and 2 was! HeHeHe. Isn't pottery FUN! Ooops. I mean isn't POETRY fun . . . )
    Love to you all!

  14. Very clever. I see more stretch limousines than stretch limericks--but only from the outside. Thanks for introducing me to a format I had not heard of.

  15. I really like this one--I've always been afraid of chickens (not the fried kind, of course).

  16. Love the rhyme...very fun Richard....cheers...bkm

  17. Gotta choose the right words. Love the rhyme. Great job.

  18. THAT was delightful.

    You're just too good. I've added you to my blogroll.



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