Nov 11, 2010

Magpie Tales#40

Ye Gods!

Hanuman, tough as a butcher's dog -
Half man, half ape, half prince, half frog!
Famous for deeds of derring-do -
whole hills he hauls back home to you.(*)
He'll bring you Oriental spices,
to cure all ills, how very nices!
Cursed by the Gods and cursed at length,
Hanuman knows not his own strength.
Bolder than Hercules, and faster
he'll save you from the worst disaster.
Outsupermanning Superman
there is no enemy that he can-
-not overcome.  His bulging muscles
see him through the toughest tussles
with tigers, elephants and snakes,
fights the good fight for all our sakes.
When pressed he can face north and south
and east and west, grow four new mouths
to blow out five benighted lamps
and so free buddies from a deep, damp
pit. Half man, half frog, half ape, half prince-
Hanuman! Tough as Tesco mince,
immortalised in bloggers' verse . . .
(with this amongst the very worst!)

(*) The Hindu god Hanuman, shown in Willow's prompt here, accomplished many heroic exploits which you can read about by following the links here


  1. 'Tough as Tesco mince' - now, that is tough, great Magpie, made me smile.

  2. oh my all those couplets
    but you know I really liked reading it

  3. My Tesco mince is as tender as a baby's bottom - the secret's in the cooking - and it's especially good if you add some of those nices spices! LOL

  4. I am tough as a butcher's dog, but like the idea of being half man, half ape, half prince, half frog, as I am always open to new experiences. Thank you for visiting my newly-emerged blog.

  5. Or maybe the very best..monkey king to make me kind of guy!!

  6. Interesting tribute to Hanuman! And I must say I like how you play with words. I agree; "How very nices" was very clever! :)

  7. Hilarious. I loved reading it. Four halves of anything must make at least a whole and then some. Not among the very worst at all, among the very bestest. Just when I needed a laugh.
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  8. that's a damn fine monkey, and a damn fine monkey's tale

  9. Love "outsupermanning Superman". Thanks for the giggles.

  10. immortalized indeed here and forever...was Kermit half man, half frog too..? love this very nices take Dr...thank you...bkm

  11. Not by any stretch...the final line...I don't know tough Tesco mince. :)

  12. The immortalized monkey king... with a bit of Kermit woven in... well done.

  13. Really enjoyed this especially the 'tough as Tesco mince' LOL. Thanks.


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