Nov 14, 2010

Monday's Child#20

It really is time I took a shot at this prompt with a difference, based on the picture . . .

Mrs. Mouse cries "It's a sin!
The pest-controller's coming in!"
Mrs. Rat replied "Oh, Quelle disgrace.
We'll need to find a hiding-place.
Warfarin raises my fears!
Pull your hat over your ears.
If we can't see out
He can't see in . . . "
But of course he spied their pretty hats
and a thingy like a cricket bat . . .
Very Sorry, Kiddies . . .  FIN!


  1. Dr FTSE, you have inspired me to attend to the rodent plague in my potting shed...I can use your method of control, and by imagining I'm Ada on the warpath, I will put myself in the right frame of mind for wholesale slaughter...

  2. Cad . . . have a care! Sensitive Moms and Their Charming Children read these Monday's Child offerings . . .

  3. I'm putting my hat away, RIGHT NOW. :)

  4. Sounds like a true Grimms tale ...the kiddies will get a taste of reality in this one....personally love it...bkm

  5. Too late for your warning Doctor. I have joined The Death To Mice Brigade HERE

  6. Very charming. Love the language and rhythm.

  7. A cannae say thart A'm fond of these schimple pomes for the kiddies. A lark pomes with groont and plenty of spartacles and tarstacles!


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