Nov 16, 2010

For the "Google Friends Connect" challenged

Lots of folk are complaining via Google Help etc that they can't persuade Google Friend Connect to change their logged in identity when they run 2 (or more) blogs under different log-in names and want to "Follow" blogs under one or other of their names.
Problem . .  when they click the Friend Connect logo (usually found above the array of Follower thumbnails) and ask to "sign in as a different user" they persistently encounter an error message. This has been going on for months, maybe years, and Google/Blogger seem deaf to folks' pleas for help - not unusual!

 Here's a work-around.

Note - assumes your eMail and Blogger accounts are both GOOGLE.
Follow these steps carefully.
1. Go to a blog that you are ALREADY following under your NAME 1.
2. Click "Sign in" under the array of Followers' thumbnails.
3. A window will appear saying "You've previously signed in . . . "etc.
4. IGNORE the "Sign in with Google" link
5  INSTEAD, Click the GOOGLE LOGO at mid-screen. (It's alongside the Twitter etc logos)
6. This will show you your signed in name (NAME 1) and yet another invitation to enter your NAME 1 password.
7. IGNORE THIS!  Instead, Click "Sign in as a different user" underneath it.
8. This puts up a NEW sign in window with BLANK username and password fields.
9. Enter your NAME 2, and your NAME 2 password.
10. Things are then OK for me!  I can now use Google Friend Connect to "Follow" under my NAME 2.  Hope it works for you.
Best wishes to all hair-tearers! 


  1. Thanks! I'm saving this for when I need it!

  2. This is what doctors are for, right? Fixing things? Thank you muchly - it has been a bit of an issue for me and quite annoying to sign in and out all the time. xx your absent Canadian.

  3. Many thanks, Doctor. I have been experiencing precisely this problem, and your solution here worked for me, too.

  4. Dear Doctor Fixit
    My blog feed is not being updated on my followers
    sites. It says Rallentanda( 2 weeks ago )when I have been regularly posting. I cannae oonderstarnd what is gooin on.What should I do?Oh, it probably doozent martter anyhows.
    Fondest regards


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