Nov 18, 2010

Magpie Tales#41

I hope this little limerick relates at least vaguely to Willow's picture prompt on Magpie Tales

Time Out.

A half-wit show jumper called Jock
had to "jump-off" one day in Bankok.
but he misunderstood
jumped as high as he could,
broke his half-witted neck,
his poor mount was a wreck
and he badly disfigured the clock.

(For the benefit of any bloggers and/or half-wits who are puzzled by this ditty, "jump-offs" in horsey events are timed. i.e. the contestants and their nags are jumping "against the clock" - fastest faultless round wins.  Jock didn't quite get the point. But I hope yous all do now!)


  1. A jump off is always exciting.
    But please tell me why you are writing
    of jumps in Bankok
    by a rider called Jock
    when the best jokes begin with 'Knock knock'?

  2. A limerick is fascinating. It has a tendency of having humour and it would invariably rhyme. Very good take!

  3. I sympathise with anybody who is a half-wit. I am probably tarred with the same brush...

  4. Don't 'Stop - this is getting really silly!' I, for one, need a little more silly in my live! Thanks. And thanks for giving my blog a squint.

  5. You approach these magpies as they should be approached: not as if your literary life depended on it, but that your sense of humor does.

  6. Oh you Doctor could breath such life into breaking ones neck...brillantly fun read....cheers...bkm

  7. Missed!
    Thanks for the explanation.

  8. Clever piece, and quite an enjoyable read!


  9. Speaking on behalf of my local chapter of halfwits..I didn't understand a word.


  10. Clever take, and love the jump-off, and yes, need to be timed so well.

  11. An ill-timed landing such as this, could land you in the dock!

  12. Thanks for the Monday morning giggles!

  13. You seem to have more sympathy for the clock
    and would rather ignore poor Jock!!!!!!

    P.S. word verification wants me to type out 'waxpea', whatever that be!

  14. Many thanks for this inspiring range of comment. Back soon.


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