Nov 16, 2010

Monday's Child#21

Another offering quite at variance with  the spirit of the prompt
in this charming picture -

Sing a Song of Six Pence, a pocketful of rye.
Lots of tasty pumpkin baked in my pie.
Now the oven's empty, the turkey's looking scared.
Chase him round the backyard . .
and roast that b**t**d bird!


  1. Masterfull cooking!
    Though things are looking
    bad for the bird...
    D'you think he heard?!

  2. Now the oven's empty, the turkey's looking scared ... brilliantly done!

  3. Give me the pumpkin pie, please (and leave that bird alone!) :)

  4. You've caused me to look up "Yorkshire", something for which I forgive you, just to see where in the world someone with you're reliably amusing view of things comes from.

    Hmm. You're just over there, far to the east and just a tad further up.


  5. Oh you such a way with words...please stay with us you bring great flavor to Monday's Child that is a treat to look forward too....thank you, Doctor.....bkm

  6. Doctor FTSE what a joy, love the rhymes!

  7. Love it, beautiful rhymes :)
    All the best
    Marinela x
    Short Poems


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