Nov 29, 2010

Monday's Child#23

The picture prompt this week is a happy domestic scene.


Christmas is coming and things are looking good.
I'm helping Auntie Flo to stir the pud.
She's thrown a two-pound coin into the mix.
That bit of pud will be like chewing bricks.

Wait! Two pound's just about the sum I need.
Two pounds will buy some strong Moroccan Weed.
So when my Mummy says "Darling, select a
present," I'll ask for a metal detector.

By Christmas Pud time all the guests are drunk.
Chance to pop out for my Moroccan Skunk.
Have to ignore my dear old Grandad's lecture -
"Child! MUST you serve pud with your new detector . .  ?"

One sticky two-pound coin tucked in my purse.
My Christmas family are all the worse
for wear and many glasses of their cheap white wine.
I'll smoke my stash of hash this Christmastime!


  1. How that is one happy Christmas....for all and for all a Good Night.....Cheers Doctor did it again...bkm

  2. LOL ... a great version as always for the 'childrens' verse ;o)
    Thanks for the comment and info, I looked it up ... very funny!!


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