Nov 22, 2010

Monday's Child#22

More Children's Verse from this picture prompt

St.George II: The Dragon's Revenge.

"Go forth, Sir Dragon. Hunt my husband George.
The way he leaves me here will never forge
a lasting marriage. I have had enough!
So, when you find him, treat my St.George rough!
He's always out crusading, never home.
Horsing around in breastplate and tin dome
looking, he says, for Dragons snorting fire,
but I suspect that really his desire
is Damsels. Blonde. Big-chested. In distress,
especially if wearing skimpy dress.
He hoists them to the saddle of his horse
and gallops off into the woods to force
his knavish will upon them, poor wee things.
Devils on Horseback nothing have on him.
He thinks I trust him. He must think I'm dim.
So, Dragon, check your fuel tank and wings.
Take to the air! Ignite your flaming breath
and toast my Faithless Patron. Not to death -
wait, why not? No. Death is far too cruel,
besides, it is a dreadful waste of fuel.
Sweat him in his tin suit and haul him hence.
I'll hose him down and hope he'll learn some sense,
and you, my Fiery Friend, have no more hassle,
but PLEASE, do not set fire to our castle."


  1. I hope Sir Dragon got St. George :)

  2. Point of view is so important. :-)

    Sir George has been getting away with too much for too long...


  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Beg pardon - righteous indignation overcame me and my spelling. I'll try again...
    What is it with this woman, wanting her man to be treated roughly? What happened to the sweetness and light attitude one might expect from a Dearly Beloved Queen towards her Knight in Shining Armour?

  5. Simply Brillant...Doctor...a Children's Classic indeed...that beastly George..I think I have seen running around through the woods here with many a damsel...though they did not seem to distressed...he really is a doll in that shining armour.....bkm

  6. Definitely a tale for the older child!!!!

  7. beautiful imagination.
    best wishes for the dragon.


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