Oct 27, 2010

One Hundred Word Wordle!

Offered by Rallentanda. Go HERE for the 100 words and details of fantabulous prizes . . .

Rall set a hundred-word-wurdle,
a helluva literary hurdle.
She's offered a prize!
That's quite a surprise.
Well worth risking serious brain-curdle

(10 bloggers had something to say)

Pros and Cons Will Be Visible After Approval
Focus said: Oh . . love your ardent fire!
Magic! A choir of primavera
butterflies on crocuses! It really glows.
Through foetid nights, drudgery and storms
your verse trickles like silk across my nape,
delicate as swans dusted with snow . . .

Hokus-Pokus said: Too, too polite!
This stuff is desperate. It’s one long rant,
the most amazing pap I’ve ever gazed on -
lexically tattered – keep the day job.

Shipwreck said: Words like icy flecks, like light
flashing from diamantes – and yet
we’re prey to laughter! As I read, the logs
glow red, my glass of gin forgotten.
You are a star, a joy among blog rumbles.

The Dangerous Trilby said: Ignore
this planted, modulated praise. Your verse
lumbers! It wilts like moistened chocolate.
It reads like sparrows twittering at lunch.
It is pure b**ls – (as next week’s doubtless will be.)

The Terminator said: It has still beauty,
alluring as a kiss, yet hot enough
to warm my heart. It gives me frissons.
You’re one amazing poet. I’ll be back!

Jet-Propelled said: Wow! This rings my bell!

Grubby said: This deserves bloggers hurling
rotten fruit. Can’t you escape this half-baked
mumbling stuff? Some cherries . . . “jonquils” . . rather sweet,
but “sheep” are your downfall. “Sheep” do not – repeat -
do not grow from leaf buds! Urgent you go
to school. You’re doing damage to our Muse.

Potbelly said: This wafts like distant oceans,
recalls the blush and bloom of roses.
Your ‘pot of figs’ in line five-sixty-nine’s
a touch that goes right through me. So well done!

Fog of War said: As I walk along
life’s road, I’ll clasp the white clouds of your words
to keep me young.

                                       Mr. Sneezer said: I can’t
latch on to “tough as tapered colls”,
or that “snapped branch” (Line 6). “Freeze” should be switched
for “frieze?” How do you do it? Rolling dice
for phrases torn from someone else’s gloss?
Thick as maquillage, your diction! Further,
there's no market for it.  Stick to fiction.


  1. Brain-curdle: the mot juste for my attempt! I like your brief verse very much.

  2. Thank you, Viv. Can you give/send me the full reference to your 100 wordle, please?

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. (Beg everyone's pardon and yours Doctor. Careless spelling!)

    This is an amusing and telling parody of the sycophantic, adulatory stuff that passes as "comment" in blogland. And the little limerick isn't bad either.

  5. Footsie, please leave a link to your poem in the comments section of my latest post.Thanks.

  6. I'd forgotten how funny you are and how atrocious your verse.

  7. Clever, original and funny...a great combination.
    I wish Shipwreck was one of my readers.I love unctious grovel. Can't get enough adulation; better than a slap in the face with a wet mullet:)Thank you for joining in and entertaining us with such superior verse:)

  8. Dear Dr. FTSE,
    this is the most convincing satirical picture of Followers I saw - a William Hogarth maybe? Divided between Beer or Gin Lane?


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