Sep 7, 2011

Magpie Tales#81

Bogged Down

This little failure of a poem came to me in a moment of unrelieved pessimism brought on by catching sight of Tess Kincaid's wonderfully depressing picture . . . here

I come from a long line of "stick-in-the-muds"
My father before me was one
and his father too and the one before that.
Our lineage goes on and on.

You think I'm ashamed that I've got nowhere fast?
Never tried to. Don't see why I should
upset our tradition of failure and loss.
I'm happily stuck-in-the-mud!

I'm told it's genetic and there is no cure
for laziness. Sticks-in the-mud -
(Is that the right plural? Hanged if I care!)
are born with it, cursed by their blood.

The best I can do with the future in mind
is don't do what I would if I could -
which is breed like a rabbit,
a time-wasting habit
for someone stuck deep in the mud.


  1. Oh dear! "Sticks-in-the-mud" - I love it. :-)

  2. Ha! Breed like a rabbit. Like it :-)

  3. As a bit of a Stuck-Mud myself, I wish I'd had the brains and inspiration to have written this masterpiece. I take my hat off to you, Doctor FTSE. It is always worthwhile to visit your VSB, but this is ausgezeichnet.

  4. I like this (and you) .. you old stick in the mud!

  5. Excellent fun! (I bet you aren't one though!)

  6. Ha! Slainte, good sir! This should be sung loudly, over pints :)

  7. One simply cannot help being a stick-in-the-mud; end of story. It must be genetic, or about the sign one was born under. Anyway, I like your poem!

  8. I think I knew your Dad. And his Dad! Great take on the prompt, Doctor.

  9. "breed like a rabbit" lol...
    I liked your take on the prompt,I know a few who fit in that description...

  10. yes this should be sung loudly in a pub after a few pints! heh heh....and thanks for your nice comments- we are actually here in Scotland for a few weeks on our friends lovely croft- we've been put to work too! Cheers!

  11. That's quite bleak, and a funny sort of way...or am I just having 'one of those days'?

  12. I agree with Kathe W....a great pub song
    loved it

  13. I was hoping someone would use "stick in the mud"...thanks...this satisfies...

  14. This is a lot of fun - and a lampoon takes quite some skill to pull off with as much aplomb as this one.

  15. Wonderful! Nothing I love more than a stick in the mud with a good sense of humor!

  16. sorry I'm late to do the Magpie rounds

    now that's a stickie situation
    delightful poem

  17. I love this little "failure of a poem". :)

  18. I read this with another huge smile on my face - magnificent!

    I loved the 3rd stanza.....I doesn't do perfik grammur, either.....!

  19. I don't think for one minute that you are a stick in the mud but your interpretation of the Mag is a great piece of writing.

    (Thank you fro pointing out my typo in the oink)


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